Barbie Relaxing Mask (REF 8510)

It has an anatomical shape, which fits perfectly to the face. more information Cutelaria

Barbie nail scissors (REF 8504)

In non-rusting stainless steel, the Barbie nail clipper can be placed for autoclaving and greenhouse sterilization. more information Cutelaria

Barbie cuticle pliers (REF 8502)

In stainless steel does not rust, the Barbie cuticle pliers can be placed for sterilization in autoclave - at 121º for 30 min. In an oven - at 170º for 60 min. more information Cutelaria

Mini Nail file Barbie (REF 8506)

Medium and delicate abrasive bag - Decorated more information Cutelaria

Barbie Glam Hairbrush (REF 6898)

Padded brush with protective tips, ideal to untangle hair. more information Hairbrush

Decorated Barbie paper (REF 8507)

Medium and delicate abrasive sandpaper - Decorated more information Cutelaria

Barbie nail clipper (REF 8503)

Nail clipper with colored prints, durable blades. more information Cutelaria

Barbie mirror and tweezers kit (REF 8505)

Practical kit to carry in the bag, mirror and tweezers. more information Cutelaria

Barbie Bathing Suit (REF 8511)

Take care of your hair with the Barbie bath cap to keep them always beautiful and healthy. more information Bath

Barbie Bath Sponge (REF 8303)

Suitable for children's skin, it has soft foam and delicate synthetic fiber. more information Bath

Makeup Brushes Barbie (REF 8512)

Practical kit of brushes for makeup Barbie more information Brush

Comb K6 Barbie (REF 8513)

Comb with personalized print Barbie. more information Comb

Barbie Hairbrush (REF 6895)

Ideal to untangle hair. more information Hairbrush