Sobre a linha de Pintura Artística e Escolar

Condor has a complete line of products focused on the most different styles of art. There are several models of brushes and various types of accessories for handmade, professional and school use.

It was the first company in Brazil to launch new formats of brushes, the use of synthetic filament and the technical literature on the use and maintenance of these products.

Over the years, the relationship has narrowed the relationship through partnerships with artists of the most varied painting techniques sharing knowledge, novelties and tendencies of the area.

It is proud to be the national leader in the production of brushes for artistic painting, as a result of its commitment to have an extensive and complete line of paintbrushes that grows every year, seeking to bring what is most current in the Arts market.

It promotes the "Painting Future" project, which proposes content in e-books format, to help teachers in classrooms in the development of their activities, providing a rich consultation tool, giving the possibility of exploring the brushes and artistic accessories in the schools.

It supports and encourages art to be of paramount importance in all areas of human development, which provides, through an artistic look, a more critical and reflective view of the world.

And especially, Condor is an expert in the art and talent of making quality paintbrushes and accessories.

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Confira as dicas de indicação dos pincéis no nosso blog:

Confira as dicas de indicação dos pincéis no nosso blog:

Confira as dicas de indicação dos pincéis no nosso blog:
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