About the Cleaning line

Condor develops cleaning products for outdoor and / or indoor use, making it easy to clean your home, making daily activity much more convenient, lightweight and ergonomic.
Thinking about consumer care at all times, we also offer food cleaning accessories to use before your healthy meal.
And for that smell of clean clothing, your clothes and shoes can also be sanitized with our special line of brushes.
Condor, all care for you and your house!



To keep the bristles of your Condor broom well, always keep it lifted, keeping the bristles from warping. In addition, the broom model must be compatible with the floor on which it will be used.
Use your Condor vegetable brush with running water, passing through the vegetables as often as you deem necessary. Bristles with two different degrees of hardness will make the food very clean!
After use, wash it with soap and water. Then remove excess water and store it in a clean, dry place. Because it is a type of product that is used many times, it is indicated that every three or four days a complete hygiene is carried out, placing the sponge in 1 liter of boiling water for 10 minutes.
To keep your Condor broom well, try to remove excess dirt from the bristles. If it is necessary to wash it, use a faucet or bucket with clean water, without rubbing the product.