In 1902, the German immigrant Augusto Emílio Klimmek disembarked in Santa Catarina. With 250 contos de reis in his pocket I was a suitcase full of dreams, he worked hard until he founded a brushes factory in 1929 in the city of São Bento do Sul.

With the dream of seeing his products in every home in Brazil, the country he chose to live in, he was inspired by the world's largest flying bird to baptize his brand: The condor. And so, like this great bird of the Andes, his products would fly high and far, and would make people's lives more practical.

His dream came true! Today Condor is the largest brush factory in Latin America - present throughout Brazil and in more than 30 other countries. It employs more than 1200 employees who work with great pride in the manufacture of more than 1500 tools and accessories for personal care and the home. Certainly you already have one of these products in your home. You can check!

Our solutions that work with you and your home

Taking care of you and your home, bringing greater practicality and pleasure to your day to day life is what moves us.

Through each of our creations, we want to help you achieve that well-being of a house that is always beautiful, clean and organized in its own way, smiling more and more beautiful, happy and healthy, giving wings to your imagination and making you literally let go of your creativity, and all this without giving up your vanity, after all caring for you is always very tasty and does well for body and soul does not it?

Check out this world of solutions that we create with much work and care! This is the Condor World for you <3

All with great quality and technology

Here we take what we do very seriously, and for that we are rigorous in all stages of production. There are many equipment with state-of-the-art technologies, research, testing and constant training, in addition to the control and attention of each of our employees to ensure the best quality standard. Want to see it? We prepared a visit to our city and factory in 360 degrees so you can feel here with us!

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