It is very important that the cleaning is done right after use. The best way for you to clean your Condor coloring brush, if it has been used with cream or paint, is to wash with mild soap and water. Then rinse thoroughly, remove excess water and place in a container, leaving the bristles upwards so that they are free. Thus, they will dry without kneading or folding. Beauty
Condor recommends researching the products of the lines Bambinos Lilica Ripilica, Tigor Baby and Hot Wheels. With vibrant colors and fun characters, it is the ideal ally to take care of the oral health of the little ones. Oral care
We maintain strict control of the quality of our raw materials, in the production process, handling and storage. This process ensures that our infant dental gels do not contain, there is no risk of cross-contamination and it is not derived from the allergens specified below:

• Cereals containing gluten and its derivatives
• Crustaceans and their derivatives
• Eggs and their derivatives
• Fish and their derivatives
• Peanuts and their derivatives
• Soy and their derivatives
• Milk and their derivatives (including lactose)
• Nuts and their derivatives
• Celery and their derivatives
• Sesame and their derivatives
• Mustard and their derivatives
• Natural latex and their derivatives


Oral care
To clean your Condor nail brush, it is important to remove the enamel from the product immediately after use with the help of acetone or enamel remover. Then wash only with mild soap and water, gently rubbing with your fingers. Then remove excess water with a cloth and allow to dry in an airy place.

​If your brush has been used with water-based paint, to prevent the paint from drying out and damaging the brush, also after painting, wash it with mild soap and water, gently wiping with your fingers. Then remove excess water with a cloth and allow to dry in an airy place. Beauty
The best way to clean your Condor comb is to wash it with mild soap and water. Then just let it dry in the shade. Beauty
Sporadic ingestion of a small amount of dental gel is not harmful to a child's health. The inscription "not ingested" is a mandatory term on the packaging of dental gels because the product is not a food. Therefore, we always advise you to keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age when not in use. Children up to 6 years of age should use a pea-sized amount, always under adult supervision during brushing, to minimize swallowing. Oral care
We recommend a 3 cm distance for use with a domestic dryer and 7 cm for use with a professional dryer. Beauty
For cases of total prosthesis, Condor recommends the Denture brush. For partial dentures, any of our other dental brushes will be suitable. Oral care
Try to stay calm and ask someone to unwind their hair slowly, gently pulling small amounts of yarn. You can use a crochet needle to help loosen the threads little by little. Please tell us which brush was used in the process. Beauty
We appreciate the contact and feel very sorry for what happened. Please send your information (full name, CPF, RG, full address, email and phone number) and the place of service by the contact channel. Our team will contact you shortly. Beauty
The Condor case is totally hygienic. However, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your objects, avoiding the agglomeration of fungi and bacteria. Oral care
Please send us the product reference and your data (full name, CPF, RG, full address, e-mail and telephone) by the contact channel. So that we can best resolve the situation, we ask that you help us find the cause of the problem by answering the following questions:
- Were you using any dryer at the time of use of the brush?
​If so, can you tell us his power? How long has it been used and how far from the hair?

Thank you very much. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. Beauty
It is important to keep the case of your Condor toothbrush always clean. For this, a simple and efficient solution is to use a mixture of sodium bicarbonate with water. Due to its cleaning properties, sodium bicarbonate guarantees practical and low cost cleaning. Oral care
Some care should be taken to make your Condor Hairbrushlast longer. To clean it, follow these steps: 
• Remove hair strands. 
•Use mild soap and running water by rubbing the bristles for a few minutes. If they are very dirty, leave the sauce brush between 15 and 30 minutes.
• Using the dryer may damage the bristles. Dry naturally, preferably hanging by the cord.
• Brushes with ceramic coating should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap.
• Ionized and cushioned brushes should not be left to soak, only washed in running water and should be completely dried with a cloth.
• Wash your brush at least once a month. Hairdressing salons must follow the guidelines of the coordination of health surveillance. Beauty
Yes, because the wool is fixed by the thermofusion process, that is, they are not glued. Real Estate Painting

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