A good tip is to clean it daily with products that have antimicrobial action, such as mouthwashes. After brushing, avoid drying your toothbrush on the towel. The correct thing is to hit the handle in the sink, just removing excess water. Oral care
Yes, the Mixed Brush 710. Its composition leaves the paint with better leveling, perfect retouching and greater durability. Real Estate Painting
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Oral care
Yes, natural white bristle brushes are ideal for this type of application. With this composition, Condor offers the models 771, 701 and 777. Real Estate Painting
We recommend that you use hot water, but not in boiling point. Another important point is to avoid leaving the sauce brush. Oral care
In this case, the special hair brushes are ideal. Indicated for varnish, sealant and enamels, they provide an impeccable finish and good coverage. With this composition, Condor offers the 660 model. Real Estate Painting
Yes, all double brush models transfer more volume of paint to the surface, speeding up the paint. The Condor offers three models of double brush: 720, 745 and 777. Real Estate Painting
The foam rollers are ideal for oil paints, enamels and varnishes, diluted with turpentine. These rollers cannot be used with thinners. Real Estate Painting
Yes, in painting you can use the Zero Drop Condor rollers (952 and 959). They are made with special wool that does not splash paint and should be used on smooth surfaces. Real Estate Painting
Yes, if you are looking for quality in finishing with agility of application, you must use the Paint More roll. With special microfiber wool, it offers a perfect finish paint, better coverage, no splashing and even transfers three times more paint to the wall, making the work more agile and economical, available in sizes 5, 9, 15 and 23cm. Real Estate Painting
Yes, in that case you can use the Extra 950 Roller. Made of sheepskin, the 950 features very concentrated wool, with a height of 25 mm, and is suitable for painting on rough surfaces, such as: rough plastering, concrete blocks, textures, among others. Real Estate Painting
Condor offers four texture roller options and different end results. For fine texture, use roller 966. For medium texture, you have two options: the 968 and the 969. And the 967 roll is ideal for producing thick texture. Real Estate Painting
For brushing, Condor offers three options of steel brush (827, 828 and 829). All with ergonomic handle that facilitates the handling, avoiding hurting the fingers. The Brush 828 also offers a convenient scraper to remove paint and scabs easily. For sanding, you can use the abrasive sponges Duplla, which are sponges with medium and low abrasive blades, ideal for working masonry, dough, plaster, handicrafts, wood, MDF and metal. Real Estate Painting
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We do the sale of paintbrushes only for legal entities, with CNPJ. If you have a company open, send us your email to blogpinturacondor@gmail.com, your CNPJ, telephone number and contact address, which a representative will answer you personally! Only sales representatives have access to the price list and quotes. If you do not have CNPJ, you can search the values of the brushes in the stores that sell online. Art Paintings
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